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Committed to providing customers with visual inspection solutions and products.
Contribute to the intelligent upgrading of textile and garment industries with advanced machine vision technology.
Become an expert in the field of intelligent cloth inspection
Sense of worth
Focus on innovation, unity and cooperation, pursuit of excellence, and achievement of customers.
Our advantage
Excellent domestic R&D team
A R&D team of more than ten professors, doctors and masters
Strong technical accumulation
The core technology is independently developed and mature, and nearly 30 pieces of intellectual property rights such as invention patents and software copyrights are available.
Rich industrial resources
Suzhou Jiasaite team has rich experience in visual inspection, focusing artificial intelligence technology on textile and garment industry.
Whole process solution
We focus on the needs of visual inspection in the field of textile and clothing, and provide the whole process of visual inspection solutions for the majority of users.
Product center
About us
Jiasaite Intelligent Technology

Suzhou Jiasaite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to providing customers with visual inspection solutions and products. Jiasaite has a research and development team composed of professors, doctors and masters. After more than ten years, the Jiasaite team has successfully developed industry vision inspection products, and has a number of invention patents.

Jiasaite's main products are intelligent cloth inspection systems based on machine vision. Advanced vision algorithm, combined with high sensitivity, stable and reliable industrial custom camera and unique optical scheme, enables the system to accurately detect, identify and classify fabric defects. At present, Jiasaite's products have been widely used in the textile and garment industry, helping users to improve the digital quality management level, and achieving the goals of reducing the defective rate, reducing employment and labor intensity for users.

Qualification honor
Honor of qualification
New information in one hand
Suzhou Jiasaite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched its website!

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